The Reckoning by Teyla Branton

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ReckoningErin Radkey has always known the day would come when she would have to personally confront the Triad leader of the power-hungry Emporium. But she never thought it would be with a snake in her head that feeds on her energy. Or that she’d be in the company of an uncertain ally who might turn on her at any moment.

The stakes are high as new intel uncovers a startling Emporium plot that will catapult the entire world into war. Erin is determined to save not only the mortals but also her friends—even if it means sacrificing herself and her newfound love for Ritter Langton.

Ritter is just as determined to save Erin and prevent what would usher in the most bloody century the world has ever known, but even he might not recognize the person she becomes.

Every day the enemy grows stronger. There will be no second chance.

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Title: The Reckoning (Unbounded #4)

Author: Teyla Branton (Rachel Nunes)

Publisher: White Star Press

Release Date: June 30, 2014

ISBN: 978-1939203472

Formats: 302 pages, 5×8 softcover; e-book

Genre: Paranormal

Unbounded Series: The Change (b00k 1), The Cure (book 2), The Escape (book 3)

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