Thrills & Chills Reading Challenge

Thrills & Chills Reading Challenge


What do we read in October?

Books with thrills and chills and things that go bump in the night, of course! This includes Mystery/Suspense, Action/Adventure, and all kinds of Speculative Fiction—for all ages, from Middle Grade to Adult.

We’ll start on October 1st and read all month long. Every Thrills & Chills* novel by an LDS author that you read and/or review from the genre categories listed below, can earn points to win more books. All you do is follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter Points page, then wait to win! (No blog needed!)

For More Information

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Eligible Thrills and Chills Books

To qualify for the reading challenge the book must be:

  • Fiction
  • Written or co-written by an LDS author
  • At least 90 pages long
  • In one of the genre categories listed below

Genre Focus

Mystery/Suspense: Traditional Who-Done-It • Suspense • Psychological Thrillers • Crime Drama • Police Procedurals • Private Investigators • Political Intrigue • Legal & Medical Thrillers • Techno Thrillers • Amateur Sleuths • Cozies

Speculative: Science Fiction • Alien Invasion • Cyberpunk • Dystopian • Post-Apocalyptic • Epic Fantasy • Sword & Sorcery • Fairy Tales & Folk Tales • Myths & Legends • Urban Fantasy • Paranormal • Contemporary Fantasy • Time Travel • Magic • Superheroes • Steampunk • Space Opera • Magical Realism • Horror • Alternate History • Dark Fantasy

Action/Adventure: War & Military • Survival Stories • Pirates • Sea Adventures • Spies

Other: Romantic Suspense & Speculative Romance (if SUSPENSE or SPECULATIVE is the main storyline, and the romance is the supporting storyline)

For book ideas, click here to see genre category lists.