Giveaway Request Form

If you have not already submitted a Spotlight Request Form for your free post on this site, do that first.

Please Read!

Before downloading and completing the form to request to be part of the Monthly Giveaway, please read both the Monthly Giveaway Information (how the giveaway works) AND the Sponsor Eligibility Guidelines.

Completing this form does NOT guarantee you a spot. I will review your request to see if it meets the guidelines, fits the schedule, and is a good match for my readers. If approved, I will send a confirmation email.

Click button below to download Word form (.docx)

When you click the button, a dialog box will display allowing you to open the form in Microsoft Word or to save it to your Downloads folder.

This form allows you to enter the information I need to create the giveaway post. (See previous giveaway posts here.) Follow the instructions below very carefully.


What To Put In Each Field

Contact Information

  • Contact Name. This is the name of the person providing the book for the giveaway (which should also be the one completing the form). It can be the author, the publisher, a PR firm, or marketing assistant.

  • Contact E-mail. This is the email of the person entered above. Please make sure it is an email that will be checked regularly because this is where I will send confirmations, questions, and the winner’s information.

  • Yes, I have read the Monthly Giveaway Info…. Check this box if you have carefully read and understand the information on the Monthly Giveaway Info page AND that you agree to the terms. This is very important! You will be held to these terms whether or not you read them.

  • Yes, I have read the Giveaway Sponsor Eligibility…. Check this box if you have carefully read and understand the eligibility requirements AND you are, in fact, eligible.

  • Have you subscribed… Select Yes I have or Not yet.
    This is not required, but it will allow you advance notice of future promotional opportunities.

  • E-mail used to subscribe… Enter the email you used to subscribe to the newsletter, if it’s different from the one you entered above.

  • Preferred month to sponsor the giveaway. Enter the month in which you want to participate in the giveaway. This is subject to availability. Your book must be available for purchase on on or before the first day of the month. Pre-order listings are not eligible.Covenant and Deseret Book authors: This is sometimes a problem for you because your book is often not available on Amazon until several weeks after it is released. Unfortunately, Amazon affiliate links are the way I cover overhead here. Generally, it is better for you to sponsor during the month after your book is released.

Book Information

  • Book Title: Type the title of the book, as it appears on the front cover.

  • Book Author: Type the name of the author(s), as it appears on the front cover.

  • Link to this book’s spotlight post: Go find it on this website and paste it in here. I use this information to create the spotlight post. While you’re there, double-check your author bio and links. If it needs updating, add the updates to the Author Info section below.(Yes, I know I can search my own website and find your spotlight post. I require this because: 1) if there isn’t a spotlight, you’ll know you need to submit one of those first; and 2) to make sure the author info on the spotlight is still correct.)

  • Date book will be available for sale on Amazon: If you’re submitting this before your book is released (and it’s fine if you do), I need to know when it will be available for sale. I have found that those books that are available for sale during the entire month of the giveaway do much better than those books that haven’t yet been released. (Covenant and Deseret Book authors, see note above.)

  • Format to give away: This is totally up to you and/or your publisher

    Print: I make it clear to those who enter that they must have a U.S. mailing address if they choose a print copy.

    Ebook: If you choose this option, you must be able to provide your book in both .epub and .mobi formats. These two formats cover most of the current e-readers. How you deliver the ebook is up to you, but it must be easy for the winner to get it. You can email it directly to them or arrange to deliver/gift it directly to their e-reader.

    Winner’s Choice: This means you are willing to give away either a print copy or an ebook, and you will let the winner choose which format they prefer.

  • Is this a series…: If this book is the first book in a series, are you willing to offer the winner an option to pick one of the previous books in the series as their prize? Giveaway participants aren’t very interested in winning book 5, if they haven’t read book 1. We feature the new book in the spotlight, but add a note that says they can choose an earlier book if they win. (See example here; scroll down to Guardians.)

Author Information

All authors need to include a bio and the URL to their website (or blog). The other fields are optional, and only needed if you want to update your Author Bio that displays at the bottom of your book’s spotlight post.)

  • Author Bio: This is info about you as a professional author. You can be funny and clever, but keep it professional. Write it in third person. I need 100-150 words (a little longer than what is in the author bio box at the bottom of your book spotlight post.

  • Website URL: This is a link to your author website or blog. If you don’t have a website, but your publisher has a dedicated author page for you on their site, you may use that. Enter the entire URL. If you’re not available online, leave blank.

  • Add/Update Author Twitter Handle: Enter your handle/username only. This is what shows up with the  @ character in front of it—but DO NOT INCLUDE THE @. If you’re not on Twitter, leave blank.

  • Add/Update Facebook Page URL: If you have a Facebook Author PAGE (this is a page where people “like” you, not the personal profile where they “friend” you), put the full URL in the field. If you do not have a Facebook Author Page, leave blank.

  • Add/Update Amazon Author Page: Every author NEEDS an Amazon Author Page. If you don’t have one, go to Amazon Author Central ( and create one. Paste the full URL in the field.

  • Additional Notes or Comments: Type any questions I haven’t answered in this field, or any information you think I need to know about you, your book, or your post.

Saving and Sending

Upon completion of the form, SAVE it! Then send an email to with Giveaway Request Form in the Subject line.

Attach the following items: with the following attached:

  • Giveaway Request Form: Yes, that form that you just completed and saved.

  • Updated Author Photo: 300 pixels wide x 300 pixels tall (or larger); jpg format. Headshots preferred. If you don’t have a headshot, send me what you have as large as you can. I will crop it to a square image of your head and shoulders.Also, PLEASE, send a good photo of yourself. One that makes you look like a credible author, and not a goofball.

I will send you a confirmation email as soon as the giveaway applicants have been chosen. Remember, new releases get preference. If your book was released more than six months ago, it may not be accepted.