The Convict, the Rookie Card, and the Redemption of Gertie Thump by Becky Lyn Rickman

Rosedale has a thorn, and her name is Gertie Thump.

When folks see her walking down the sidewalk, they cross to the other side of the street. Gertie’s mission in life is to improve Rosedale’s citizenry through a steady stream of belittling, correction, and harassment. The only person unfazed by her campaign is the town’s deputy sheriff, Seth Randall, who has his own mission. Seth also serves as associate pastor of a local church, and he will not rest until he saves Gertie’s soul.

But redemption is a word easier said than done. Add Gertie’s childhood friend turned convict, an extremely valuable rookie baseball card, and a plate of cookies delivered with threatening messages, and you’ve got yourself a hornet’s nest of trouble.

When the people of Rosedale come together to save Gertie Thump, the one person they would rather not, Gertie discovers that every good person has a little darkness in them and every demon a little tenderness.

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Title: The Convict, the Rookie Card, and the Redemption of Gertie Thump

Author: Becky Lyn Rickman

Publisher: WiDo Publishing

Release Date: February 4, 2014

ISBN: 978-1937178451

Formats: 278 pages, 5×8, softcover; e-book

Genre: Cozy Mystery

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