2016 Summer Book Trek

SBTPageImageIf it’s July, then Welcome to Summer Book Trek!

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How to Play

Who: Calling ALL fiction readers!!! (If you’re under 18, you have to have your parent’s permission. You do not have to be LDS to participate.)

What: A summer reading challenge! Read novels by LDS authors. Set your goals and track your progress. No goal is too small; no ambition too great. Feeling overwhelmed? Make a short list. Finish early? Add more books (or not). Change your mind on a title? Drop it. No pressure, no minimums. Make changes to your list as desired.

Where: The blogosphere. [Don’t have a blog? You can still play. Send me an email and I’ll tell you how.]

Why: We need a reason to read?!? Says who???

How to Participate: You earn points for reading and reviewing books, nominating books for a Whitney award, and for connecting on social media. More points = more chances to win books! Use the Rafflecopter form at the bottom of this page to claim your points. If you aren’t sure what the options are, read the instructions just above the form.

Prizes: Prizes are books (print and/or ebooks) provided by LDS authors or their publishers. Prizes will be shipped/emailed to the winners by the sponsor. Print books are limited to U.S. addresses; but e-books are open to anyone.

How to Win

• Points are tracked via Rafflecopter and winners are chosen daily via Random.com. Winners will be notified by email used in Rafflecopter.

• Odds of winning dependent upon number of prizes and entries. It is possible that someone could win multiple prizes.

• Winner may choose their prize. Prizes are labeled by the format of the book (Print, eBook, or Your Choice). Once a prize has been claimed, the winner’s name will replace the label.

• Sponsors have the option to send prizes as they are awarded or to ship prizes at the end of the challenge.

• Winners have one week after the close of the reading challenge to respond to their emails. If winners do not respond, their prize is forfeited.

Challenge ends on July 31, 2016.

How to Enter

The Rafflecopter form below has 12 options allowing you to earn points. Some options you’ll only do once, others you can do daily. Unless otherwise noted, all entries, links and dates will be verified. Unverifiable entries will be deleted without notice or follow-up. When asked for a URL, it must be to a specific post or page, not a home page. [Here’s how.]

1. Summer Book Trek Reading Challenge Post on your blog. (5 points; mandatory; claim once)
Choose the books you’re going to read for this challenge and post them on your blog. (You might want to look at options 2, 3 & 4 to see which books will earn you the most points.) This is mandatory. Be sure to include one of our SBT buttons in your post and this link: http://bit.ly/1GZuwPE so your friends can come play too. [Don’t have a blog? You can still play. Send me an email and I’ll tell you how.]

Important: You’ll need to enter the exact URL to your post in the Rafflecopter form, NOT the URL to your home page. [Here’s how.]

Then add your post link on our Participants page.  Visiting other blogs is a great way to get ideas for books to read.

2. Read a novel by an LDS Author. (5 points; claim once per title; one title per day)
If you read ANY novel by an LDS author (or co-author) during the month of July, claim these points on the Rafflecopter form. We can’t verify if you’ve read the book (that’s honor code), but we will verify that the author is LDS.

3. Is the novel a Summer Book Trek Sponsor? (5 points; claim once per title; one title per day)
If the novel you listed for option #2 is also an SBT sponsor, enter it again for option #3 to earn an additional 5 points. How do you know if it’s a sponsor? Click here. If it’s on the SBT16 prize page, claim these points! If it isn’t, skip this one.

*YES, entries 2 and 3 are cumulative. If the book you read qualifies for both, that’s 10 total points!

4. Amazon Review. (5 points; claim once per title; one title per day)
Review the novel you read at Amazon.com. To count as a review, it needs to be at least 3 full sentences and say what you liked about the book. Important: You’ll need to enter the exact URL to your review in the Rafflecopter form, NOT the URL to Amazon or the book’s page. [Here’s how.]

5. GoodReads Review. (5 points; claim once per title; one title per day)
Yes, you can get even more points by leaving a second review at GoodReads for the book you reviewed in option #3. Same rules apply. You can even copy and paste the first review to the second site.

6. Review #3. (3 points; claim once per title; one title per day)
Post your review at anywhere online: Barnes & Noble, Deseret Book, NewLDSFiction.com, your blog, your social media, or any other site that allows you to review books. Same rules apply.

Links to your reviews will be added to our Book Reviews page.

7. Nominate a 2016 book for a Whitney Award. (5 points; claim once per title; one title per day)
This is an honor code entry. We are trusting that you aren’t going to nominate indiscriminately just to earn more points. Claiming these points means you have read the book AND you honestly think it deserves a Whitney award. Only 2016 new releases are eligible. Nominations must be made in July, but you can nominate a book you read earlier this year. Nominate at http://whitneyawards.com/.

8. Spread the word. (3 points; claim once per day)
Talk about the Summer Book Trek every day on the social media of your choice and earn 3 points per day. Use #‎booktrek16‬ and this link: http://bit.ly/1GZuwPE. Important: You’ll need to enter the exact URL to your post or tweet in the Rafflecopter form, NOT the URL to your account. [Here’s how.]

9. Like or follow any LDS Author on any Social Media. (3 points; claim once per author; one author per day; honor code)
This needs to be an author that you aren’t already following. Enter the URL to the author’s social media account. [Here’s how.]

10. Sign up for any LDS Author’s newsletter. (3 points; claim once per author; one author per day; honor code)
This needs to be an author whose newsletter you aren’t currently getting. Enter the URL to the author’s newsletter sign-up page. [Here’s how.]

11. Visit NewLDSFiction on Facebook. (1 point; claim once)
We hope you’ll “like” our page while you’re there but either way, go ahead and claim the points.

12. Sign up for the NewLDSFiction Newsletter. (1 point; claim once)
You’ll need to enter the email address you used when you signed up.

13. Join the Summer Book Trek Facebook Group. (1 point; claim once)
Join here: Summer Book Trek Facebook Group. You’ll need to enter your Facebook Name. This will be a fun group with lots of sharing and a few tips and extras. 🙂

UPDATE: Having a little trouble with option #5: GoodReads Review.

If it auto-fills the field, delete it and replace with your link. If it is grayed out and won’t let you use it, email the link to me and I’ll add your info manually so you’ll get your points.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

To enter to earn points and/or win one of the SBT prizes, you must use the Rafflecopter form above.
NO PURCHASE NECESSARY; entrants must be 18 years or older; open to residents of continental US only; giveaway begins when the Rafflecopter form opens and all entries must be received by 12:00 Midnight on the last day of the month, Mountain Time; enter using the Rafflecopter form; giveaway prizes are one copy of each of the books as described on the Prize Page; the number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning; NewLDSFiction.com is not liable for technical problems which may impact entry into the giveaway; winners will be selected daily and notified by use of rafflecopter.com and random.com; winner’s information will be forwarded to prize sponsor who will deliver prize; if winner forfeits or does not respond to email within 7 days, prize may be awarded to another entrant or not, at the discretion of the sponsor; by entering the giveaway you give NewLDSFiction.com the right to publicize your name on the NewLDSFiction.com website and/or social medai; winner agrees to release NewLDSFiction.com from any liability as a result of winning; in no case shall NewLDSFiction.com be held responsible for awarding prize(s) should sponsor(s) default; giveaway subject to Utah regulations; VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW.

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