Reading Challenge Prize Page

2017 Whitney Finalists Reading Challenge Prize Page

April 1-30, 2017

To participate in the reading challenge and enter to win one of these books, CLICK HERE.

Pssst! Earn a total of 10 POINTS for reading one of these books!

Note: All of these books are by LDS authors but a few have content that may be offensive to some LDS readers. Clicking the Info Link or hovering over the image will show you the rating provided by the author. If you need more info,  PLEASE click the Amazon link and read a summary of the book before selecting your prize.

Choosing your prize

  • Format: All prizes are ebooks and are available in EPUB and MOBI formats.
  • Name: Books are listed in alphabetical order by author’s last name. Once a prize has been awarded, the author’s name (ex: Doe J) will be replaced by z-winner’s name (ex: z-Jane D) above the cover image. Once a book has been selected as a prize, it moves to the bottom of the display and is no longer available as a prize option.
  • 1st Come: Prizes are awarded based on time stamp of winner’s email. Although a book may be available when you send the email, if an earlier winner requests it before you do, they get it.
  • Amazon Link: The Amazon link below the cover image takes you to Amazon where you may read more about the book and purchase it if you like. (These are affiliate links.)


Our Awesome Whitney Finalists Reading Challenge Prizes!


A giant thank you to these authors and publishers for participating in the Whitney Finalists Reading Challenge!