2018 New Releases

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Current Total (updated May 25, 2018) = 165 new releases


Abbot, Zina

Otto’s Offer (Lockets & Lace #3)

Abramson, Traci Hunter

Tripwire (Saint Squad)

Alameda, Courtney

Pitch Dark

Allen, Jewel

Rogue Raider, The (Islands of the Crown #3)

Allen, Nancy Campbell

Orient Express, The (Timeless Victorian Collection #3)

Alsop, Cheree

City of Demons (Haunted High #3)

• Cage the Beast (Haunted High #4)

Ashes of Night (Haunted High #5)

Anderson, Rachael

My Sister’s Intended

Argyle, Amber

Stolen Enchantress (Forbidden Forest #1)

Armstrong, Lindzee

Match Me If You Can (No Match for Love #7)

Arrington, Anika

Unspun: A Collection of Tattered Fairy Tales

Baldwin, Kaylee

Take a Chance on Me

Banner, Daniel

Peaceful Warrior, The (Navy Seal Romance)

Captivating Warrior, The (Navy Seal Romance)

Bartlet, Liv

Off Script (Monkey & Me #2)

Bastian, L.K.

Kegan (Daimon High #3)

Emily (Daimon High #4)

Kat (Daimon High #5)

Bastian, Laura D.

• Love’s Past (Twickenham Time Travel Romance)

Beers, Laura

To Love a Spy (Beckett Files #3)

Bellon, Julie Coulter

• Love’s Journey Home (Lincoln Love Stories #2)

Highlander’s Hidden Heart, A (Timeless Romance Single #7)

Branton, Teyla

• First Touch (Imprints #0)

• Upstaged (Imprints #3)

Under Fire (Imprints #4)

• Blinded (Imprints #5)

Britton, Sally

• Social Tutor, The (Branches of Love #1)

Martha’s Patience (Branches of Love #2)

Gentleman Physician, The (Branches of Love #3)

Butler, D.J.

Witchy Winter (Witchy Eye #2)

Buttimore, Anna Jones

Fields of Glory 

Carling, Angela

Five Days Five Kisses

Chapman, Heather

• Forgotten Girl, The

Checketts, Cami

My Best Man’s Wedding (Echo Ridge Single)

Seeking Mr. Debonair (Jane Austen Pact)

Protective Warrior, The (Navy Seal Romance)

Captivating Warrior, The (Navy Seal Romance)

Trustworthy Groom, The (A Texas Titans Romance)

Chow, Sarah

Unspun: A Collection of Tattered Fairy Tales

Christensen, Rachelle J.

Princess Bride of Riodan, The (Echo Ridge Singles)

Clark, Raneé S.

Beneath the Bellemont Sky

Cole, Frank L.

Eternity Elixir, The (Potion Masters #1)

Connolly, Rebecca

• Lady and the Gent, The (London League #1)

Love Out of Focus

Corry, Judy

Billionaire Bachelor, The (Matched with a Billionaire #1)

Meet Me There (Ridgewater High Romance)

Cowley, Katherine

Unspun: A Collection of Tattered Fairy Tales

Cowley, Scott

Unspun: A Collection of Tattered Fairy Tales

Cutler, Chris

Unspun: A Collection of Tattered Fairy Tales

Darby, Gary J.

Wings of Fire (Legend of Hooper’s Dragons #7)

Dean, Taylor

• Hothouse Flower (Sound of Silence #3)

del C. Dye, Anna

Dark Mirror Image (Royal Romance #4)

Eden, Sarah M.

Ashes on the Moor

Night in Grosvenor Square, A (Timeless Regency #9)

Ellsworth, Spencer

Memory’s Blade (Starfire #3)

Evelyn, Johanna

Will, The (Second Chances Books #2)

Eves, Rosalyn

Lost Crow Conspiracy (Blood Rose Rebellion #2)

Falor, Janeal

• Death’s Embrace (Death’s Queen #3)

Death’s Assassin (Death’s Queen #4)

Frank, Carolyn Twede

Heart of the West

Gay, Sarah

Spark of a Kiss, The (Park City Firefighter: Station 2)

Grace, Lorin

Healing Sarah (American Homespun #3)

Grantham, Tamara

Grayghost (Fairy World MD #7)

Griffith, Jennifer

Moot Court (Legally in Love #7)

Hale, Chelsea

Companion, The (Sundaes for Breakfast #3)

Hale, Dean

2 Fuzzy, 2 Furious (Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #2)

Hale, Shannon

2 Fuzzy, 2 Furious (Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #2)

Hardy, Jaclyn

Rescuing His Heart (Cottonwood Ranch #3)

Harmon, Amy

• Smallest Part, The

Harris, Darryl

Reformation of Lady Elinor, The

Hart, Taylor

• Love Potion Groom, The (Movie Star Romance)

Broken Warrior, The (Navy Seal Romance #5)

Dream Groom, The (A Texas Titans Romance)

Second Chance Groom, The (A Texas Titans Romance)

Henrie, Stacy

• Rancher’s Temporary Engagement, The

Hoagland, Maria

Practically Romantic Groom, The

• Combustible Engagement, The (Cobble Creek Romance)

Houck, Colleen

Tiger’s Dream (Tiger’s Curse #5)

Isaacson, Liz

Fractured Slipper (Fairy Tale Ink #2)

Craving the Cowboy (Grape Seed Falls #2)

• Charming the Cowboy (Grape Seed Falls #3)

Courting the Cowboy (Grape Seed Falls #4)

Coming Home to Steeple Ridge (Steeple Ridge #5)

James, Jenni

Lord Atten Meets His Match

John, Rachel

Better With You (Change of Plans #2)

Johnson, Elana

To Be Yours

Johnson, Sally

If the Boot Fits

Johnson, Sarah Blake

Unspun: A Collection of Tattered Fairy Tales

Keanini, Julia

Nobel Heir, The (Princes of Valdoria #1)

Kersey, Christine

Pass Protection (Fair Catch #5)

Game On (Fair Catch #6)

Kiefer, Erica

Through the Glass (The Window #2)

King, Emily R.

Rogue Queen, The (Hundredth Queen #3)

Knight, Wendy

Soul’s Alliance, The (Soul’s Agent #2)

Krey, Kimberly

Honorable Warrior, The (Navy Seal Romance #4)

How to Catch a Cowboy in 10 Days

Once Hitched Twice Shy (Unlikely Cowgirl)

Snapshot Bride, The (Cobble Creek Romance)

Lange, Rebecca

• Trainee in Action (Heavenly Bodyguards #1)

Levenseller, Tricia

Daughter of the Siren Queen (Daughter of the Pirate King #2)

Lieske, Victorine E.

Her Big Fat Hunky Billionaire Boss (Billionaire #3)

Linton, Chalon

Tangled Inheritance, A

Loth, Kimberly

Glowing Sands, The (Sons of the Sand #3)

Lyon, Annette

Night in Grosvenor Square, A (Timeless Regency #9)

Orient Express, The (Timeless Victorian Collection #3)

Sweeter Than Any Dream

McConnell, Lucy

• Dating the Rogue Cowboy

Miracle Groom, The (Texas Titans)

Mae, Cassie

Southern Spinster (Frostville #2)

McGreevy, Catherine

Chance’s Bluff

McKenzie, Nat

Vengeance Code, The

McShane, Melissa

Book of Secrets, The (The Last Oracle #1)

Champion of the Crown (Willow North #3)

Meyer, Anne-Marie

Fixing the Billionaire (Clean Billionaire #5)

Marrying a Cowboy (Fake Marriage Series #1)

• Fighting Love for the Cowboy (Moose Falls #1)

Monson, Adrienne

Fractured Slipper (Fairy Tale Ink #2)

Montpetit, Kimberley

Secret of a Kiss, The (Return to Snow Valley)

Moore, Heather B./H.B.

Worth the Risk (Pine Valley #1)

• Where I Belong (Pine Valley #2)

Say You Love Me (Pine Valley #3)

Night in Grosvenor Square, A (Timeless Regency #9)

Moore, Jennifer

My Dearest Enemy

Mull, Brandon

Time Jumpers (Five Kingdoms #5)

Nickle, Ruth

Unspun: A Collection of Tattered Fairy Tales

Nielsen, Jennifer A.

Traitor’s Game, The (Traitor’s Game #1)

Nielsen, Kevin L.

Colonial Prime: Humanity

Noelle, Jo

Kisses with KC (Cowboys & Angels #1)

Suffrage and Suitors (Cowboys and Angels #16)

P.S. I Love You (Twickenham Time Travel Romance)

Olsen, Kaki

Unspun: A Collection of Tattered Fairy Tales

Page, Kenneth M.

Six Days to Live

Parker, Lehua

Fractured Slipper (Fairy Tale Ink #2)

Pearson, Andrea

Temple of Flames (Koven Chronicles #3)

Peaslee, Jessilyn Stewart

Finding Beauty in the Beast

Peel, Jennifer

Sidelined Wife, The (More Than a Wife #1)

Pennington, Michelle

Truth About Billionaires, The (Southern Billionaires #2)

Perry, Anne

Twenty-One Days (Daniel Pitt #1)

Peterson, Kathi Oram

Familiar Fear, A

Poulson, Clair M.


Quist, Jennifer

Apocalypse of Morgan Turner, The

Rector, Lisa

My Vampire

Reyes, Laurisa White

Mickey Malloy, Wonder Boy!

Rode, Rebecca

• Flicker (Embers in Space #1)

Flare (Ember in Space #2)

Sanchez, Melinda Sue

Fisherman’s Daughter, The

Scott, Regina

Frontier Matchmaker Bride

Shelton, Mike

TruthStone (Truthseer Archives #1)

TruthSpell (TruthSeer Archives #2)

Shields, Breeana

Poison’s Cage (Poison’s Kiss #2)

Skye, Obert

Wizard for Hire

Smurthwaite, Donald S.

Sweet Mercy

Stansfield, Anita

Stars Above Northumberland, The

Stastny, Charissa

Package Deal (Ruled Out Romances #2)

Stevens, Jacque

Queen’s Gift, The (Stone Bearers #2)

Switzer, PJ

Unspun: A Collection of Tattered Fairy Tales

Talley, Rebecca

On Deck for Love (Reunion Romance #3)

Tullis, Heather

Not in the Plans (In the Garden #3)

Last Chance (In the Garden #4)

Van, Nichole

Lovers and Madmen (Brothers Maledetti #0)

Lightning Struck (Brothers Maledetti #3)

Vandagriff, G.G.

• Love Unexpected (Saunders Family #1)

Not an Ordinary Baronet (Three Gentlemen of London #3)

Walker, Laura

Billionaire’s Sweet Valentine, The (Holiday Contest #1)

Walls, Devri

Magic Unleashed (Venators #1)

Weaver, Donna K.

Against the Magic  (Twickenham Time Travel Romance)

Weist, Jaclyn

Seeking His Luck (Lost Luck #1)

Wells, Dan

Active Memory (Mirador #3)

Wheeler, Jeff

Poisoner’s Enemy, The (Kingfountain prequel)

Whitesides, Tyler

Wishmakers, The

Wiggins, Bethany

Dragon’s Curse, The (Transference #2)

Wilhite, Becca

Check Me Out

Williams, Carol Lynch

Never That Far



Wirkus, Tim

Infinite Future, The

Wright, Camron

Other Side of the Bridge, The

Youngblood, Jennifer

Ghost Groom, The (A Texas Titan Romance)

Seeking Mr. Perfect (Jane Austen Pact #2)

Reckless Warrior, The (Navy Seal Romance #6)




Fairy Tale Ink

Fractured Slipper (Fairy Tale Ink #2)

Timeless Regency Collections

Night in Grosvenor Square, A (Timeless Regency #9)

Timeless Victorian Collections

Orient Express, The (Timeless Victorian Collection #3)