2017 New Releases

Titles are listed alphabetically by author, then by title unless there are multiple books in a series released in the same year. In that case, they are listed in series order.

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Current Total (updated Feb 20, 2017) = 62 new releases


Abbott, Zina

Kizzie’s Kisses (Grandma’s Wedding Quilts #2)

Anderson, Rachael

Rise of Miss Notley, The (Tanglewood #2)

Armstrong, Lindzee

Twisters and Textbooks (Sunset Plains #2)

Banner, Daniel

Two Hearts Rescue (Park City Firefighter Romance #3)

Bell, Braden

Missing Heir of Mandralay, The (Soulbound 1)

Branton, Rachel

Hearts Never Lie (Lily’s House #4)

Checketts, Cami

Daring One, The (Billionaire Bride Pact #9)

Disenchanted One, The (Billionaire Bride Pact #10)

Rescued by Love (Park City Firefighter Romance #4)

Connolly, Rebecca

Royal Rivals (Royals of Monterra Novella)

Season in London, A (Timeless Regency #6)

Del C. Dye, Anna

Golden Princess, A (Royal Romance #3)

Eden, Sarah M.

Valentine’s Day Collection (A Timeless Romance #19)

George, Jessica Day

Saturdays at Sea (Tuesdays at the Castle #5)

Harrison, Mette Ivie

For Time and All Eternities (Linda Walheim #3)

Henrie, Stacy

Outlaw’s Secret, The

Hinrichsen, Ronda Gibb

One Fell Down

Hogan, Cindy M.

Secrets in the Sand (Christy Spy Romance Novella #1)

Secrets in the Storm (Christy Spy Romance Novella #2)

Horrocks, Heather

Director Gets a Grip, The (Moonchucke Bay #3)

Fireman Finds His Flame, The (Moonchuckle Bay #4)

Isaackson, Liz

Before the Leap (Gold Valley Romance #1)

After the Fall (Gold Valley Romance #2)

James, Jenni

Princess and the Pea, The (Royal Romance Collection #1)

Johns, Elizabeth

Season in London, A (Timeless Regency #6)

Johnson, Sarah


Jones, Nathan Smith

Dragonkyn (Dragonkyn #1)

Kersey, Christine

Hearts on Fire (Park City Firefighter Romance #5)

Kilpack, Josi S.

Lady of the Lakes, The

Knight, Wendy

Warrior Innocent (Riders of Paradesos #3)

Larson, Lynne

Witness in the Dark

Lindsay, Randy

Quest for the Harmonicon (Battlementals #1)

Linton, Chalon

Inconvenient Romance, An

Little, Kimberley Griffiths

Returned (Banished #3)

Loth, Kimberly

God of the Sun (Stella and Sol #1)

Monkeys and Mayhem (Omega Mu Alpha Brothers #4)

Love, Betsy

Captain and the Healer’s Heart, The (StarBride Chronicles #1)

Lyon, Annette

Valentine’s Day Collection (A Timeless Romance #19)

McConnell, Lucy

Athletic Groom, The (Billionaire Marriage Brokers #7)

McShane, Melissa

Wondering Sight (Extraordinaries #2)

Moore, Heather B.

An Ocean Away

Falling for Maria (Falling #2)

Season in London, A (Timeless Regency #6)

Valentine’s Day Collection (A Timeless Romance #19)

Nielsen, Jennifer A.

Wrath of the Storm (Mark of the Thief #3)

Palmer, Kate

At the Stroke of Midnight (A Fairly Western Tale #1)

Palmer, L.

Lady and the Frog, The (Pippington Tales #2)

Peel, Jennifer

Paige’s Turn

Peterson, Kathi Oram

Breach of Trust

Proctor, Jenny

Valentine’s Day Collection (A Timeless Romance #19)

Rallison, Janette

Valentine’s Day Collection (A Timeless Romance #19)

Reyes, Laurisa White


Rode, Rebecca

Love Right

Sanderson, Brandon


Silverbow, Konstanz

Beauty’s Thief (Finding Gold #4)

Stansfield, Anita

Color of Love

Stevens, Jacque

Winter Falls

Tolley, Diane Stringam

Daughter of Ishmael

Tullis, Heather

Valentine’s Day Collection (A Timeless Romance #19)

Wagner, McKenzie

Amulet Chase, The (Benotripia prequel)

Warburton, Carol

Petticoat Spy

Weaver, Donna K.

Teapots & Treachery

Weist, Jaclyn

Waves of Hope (Silver Script #7)

Wells, Dan

Ones and Zeroes (Mirador #2)

West, David J.

Six-Gun Serenade  (Dark Trails #0)

Scavengers (Dark Trails #1)

West, Kasie

By Your Side

Wilkins, Roseanne Evans

Love Comes Calling (California Connections #2)

Wilson, Sariah

Royal Design (Royals of Monterra #4)




Timeless Regency Collections

Season in London, A (Timeless Regency #6)

Timeless Romance Collections

Valentine’s Day Collection (A Timeless Romance #19)