Comments and Stars

The best way to find a good book is through a recommendation from a friend you trust! That’s one of the purposes of this site—to help readers find good books. Leaving a thoughtful comments and star ratings adds so much to this site! Your opinions on new releases are priceless to your fellow reader.


Leaving Comments on Books

What is a thoughtful comment? One that directly relates to your reading experience and/or content of the book.

Comments that say, “Good book” or “Hated it” aren’t very helpful to other readers. Tell us WHY you liked it—was it the plot? The characters? The writing style?

Or tell us why it didn’t work for you. The very things you disliked might be what another reader is looking for.

This probably does not need to be said, but just in case…

Please remember that words have power. Your comments may persuade or dissuade someone who is considering purchasing and/or reading a particular book.

Be honest, but respectful.

Comments that are solely promotional or that are disrespectful will be deleted.

As a reader of this site, do not allow the comments of a few to sway your decision on a book. If a book looks interesting, give it a chance.


Star Ratings

Each new release featured on this blog has a star rating widget at the bottom of the post. To rate a book, simply click a star.

Different sites have different rating scales. Using the following criteria for rating books will make the star rating averages more accurate and reliable. (Please do not rate a book higher or lower than you feel it honestly deserves, just because your friend wrote it.)


1 STAR = Disappointing

Did not like the book enough to finish it OR was extremely disappointed in it. Would not recommend it to others.


2 STARS = Poor/Ambivalent

While it was not a total waste, overall, you did not like this book and would not recommend it to others unless you were feeling unusually kind.


3 STARS = Okay

A solid, average read. Liked some things, disliked other things OR did not like this book due to personal tastes, but thought it was well written and others might like it. Would recommend it with a disclaimer.


4 STARS = Great

Liked this book. Would recommend it to others.


5 STARS = Excellent!

Loved this book. It is one of your favorites and you’ll probably read it again. Would definitely recommend it to others.

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