Bridges of the Heart by Joan Sowards


General/Speculative. 253 pages. Print, e-Book. Twenty-one-year-old Rachel Lisenby finds life hard to cope with after her mother passes away. To add to Rachel’s confusion, her boyfriend Maxson proposes marriage on the evening of the funeral. She escapes to Utah to think and take time off from the relationship. Over the phone, she tells Maxson she
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Riven by Sherry Ficklin and Tyler Jolley


Young Adult SciFi/Steampunk/Time Travel. 198 pages. e-Book. What should be a routine mission leaves Ethan with a serious problem. He’s fractured—a break between mind and body that leaves him at the mercy of his Rifter abilities, which are quickly tearing him apart. He will have to trust the only person who might know how to
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Prodigal by Sherry Ficklin and Tyler Jolley


Young Adult SciFi/Steampunk/Time Travel. 157 pages. e-Book. Two journeys. One inescapable outcome. No time to lose. Stein has been with the Hollows for as long as she can remember. Taken as a child, she has no memories of her past—and that’s always been fine by her. Until the day she stumbles across a hidden journal
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The Moses Chronicles: Bondage by H.B. Moore


Old Testament Historical. 256 pages. Print, e-Book, Audio. Moses has always felt like an outsider in his powerful Egyptian family, even though his close relationship with Ramses, the prince of Egypt, and their cousin Pentu keeps him entwined in the dealings of royalty. But when their youthful antics get them in trouble, the Pharaoh decides
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Congratulations 2014 Whitney Award Winners!


Congratulations to the winners of the 2014 Whitney Awards! As usual, the Awards Gala was spectacular. A huge shout out to president Annette Lyon and her committee for coordinating such a massively huge project—from collecting and tallying nominees, tracking down and verifying that nominated books and authors qualify, cajoling volunteers to read through a huge
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Taken by Chance by Erica Cameron and Lani Woodland


Young Adult General. 274 pages. e-Book. A single chance encounter can change your life… Despite being the son of Hollywood’s hottest director, Dare Andrews has managed to steer clear of the paparazzi for seventeen years. But when his ​ex-​girlfriend sells a tell-all interview to the tabloids, he’s suddenly hounded by fans and reporters alike. Dare
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Miss Match by Lindzee Armstrong


Contemporary Romance. __ pages. Print (coming), e-Book. Billionaire CEO Luke Ryder doesn’t want to hire his best friend, Brooke, as his matchmaker. Not when he’s been in love with her for eight years. Too bad she doesn’t see him as relationship material and is engaged to another man. If the matchmaking company she works for
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Love, Lucas by Chantele Sedgwick


Young Adult Contemporary Romance. When Oakley Nelson loses her older brother, Lucas, to cancer, she thinks she’ll never recover. Between her parents’ arguing and the battle she’s fighting with depression, she feels nothing inside but a hollow emptiness. When Mom suggests they spend a few months in California with Aunt Jo, Oakley isn’t sure a
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Through Castle Windows by Elizabeth D. Michaels


Historical Romance. 731 pages. Print (coming), e-Book. When Duty To Your Country Is All You Have To Live For, How Do You Go On Living? Ericha is a woman with nothing—not even her father’s name. Following her mother’s death she is guided to Horstberg in search of answers and contentment. When her path repeatedly crosses
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The Order of Curse-Bound Knights by Cheri A. Schmidt


Paranormal Romance/Young Adult Paranormal. 287 pages. e-Book. A dying knight, the infamous Sir Maximilian… He is saved by a curse. That curse makes him even more dangerous… and he likes it. To him, a new life as a vampire is an appealing thing. The man who turned him into this great, fearsome warrior tasks him
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Extreme Measures by Michele Ashman Bell


Suspense. 220 pages. Print, e-Book. Following the trauma of her estranged husband’s untimely death, Emma Lowell is happy with the life she has rebuilt for herself. She’s engaged to a wonderful man and anticipates a fresh start, free from her troubled past. Only one persistent obstacle remains: Margaret Lowell, her former mother-in-law. Margaret continues to
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Win These Books! May 2015


Enter to win one of these awesome books! Scroll down to the Rafflecopter form at the bottom of this post to find out how.   Crooked House by Marlene Bateman Prize Format: Print (U.S. only) Quirky private investigator Erica Coleman is no stranger to murder and mystery which is why her best friend’s daughter Megan
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Mismatched in Love: Almost Cinderella by Jolene Betty Perry


LDS Contemporary Romance. 125 pages. e-Book. Avery Cinder has gotten very little she’s wanted out of life. But with a scholarship to BYU and a membership to a church that suits her better than she imagined, Avery’s life is definitely turning around. With tattooed arms and worn out boots, she doesn’t exactly blend into the
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The Botanist by L.K. Hill


Suspense Thriller. 384 pages. Print, e-Book. In the heat of the desert, Detective Cody Oliver makes an alarming and inadvertent discovery—a strange garden, adorned with various exotic flowers, is a showy cover for the scores of bodies buried below. Soon, the small town of Mt. Dessicate plunges into chaos as journalists, reporters, and cameramen from
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